Baconit is a modern metro reddit app for Windows Phone. Baconit fully supports Mango, and provides a beautiful , clean, fast, and easy interface to reddit. Features Include:

  • Beautiful, fast, animated interface
  • Pinning of subreddits and stories with nightly updating
  • Beautiful live tiles with full images from subreddits
  • Flip View to easily browse full screen through a subreddits posts endlessly
  • BaconSync - synchronized visited links between phones and browsers
  • Instant loading of any subreddit / reddit url / or search
  • Message inbox with automatic updates
  • Unread message / karma live tile
  • Ability to post / edit / and delete stories and comments
  • Real-time formatting preview in post submit
  • Ability to view user profiles
  • Manage local and account subreddits
  • Submit links / images to reddit
  • Hide and save stories
  • Reddit profile support
  • Windows phone share picker support
  • Great light theme support
  • Endless subreddit scrolling
  • Fast app switching / multitasking
  • Local caching of all data
  • And much, much more….
  • Full change list here


BaconSync is a Baconit exclusive technology that synchronizes visited links across all of your devices and browsers. BaconSync also supports sending webpages directly to your phone.

Click here for more information on BaconSync and the developer API.

Video & Screen Shots

Baconit 1.6

Baconit 2.3

Baconit 1.8

Baconit 1.6

Baconit 1.5

Baconit 2.3

Baconit 2.0


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"Baconit brings the Windows 8 styling to Reddit, giving you a ridiculously fast, free, and simple way to browse through... (reddit)" - The Verge

"This is a fabulous app to browse through Reddit and I literally can’t find a reason why not to use it." - App Storm

"(This) speedy, live-updating app lets you do all the things you can do on the regular old site" - Gizmodo's Essential Apps July 2012

Awarded '2012 App of The Year' from the Community App Awards for Windows Phone.

"Baconit... gives you a beautiful, clean, and fast interface to reddit." - Channel 9's Hot Apps; Baconit 2.0

"The best interface for Reddit on Windows Phone is the very well designed Baconit app." - Conversations by Nokia; Baconit 1.9

"...the best unofficial Reddit app on the marketplace." - TechIn5; Baconit 1.9

"I just started using it, and kinda’ loving it." - Ubiquitense; Baconit 1.9

"The app is beautifully designed following the sleek and stylish Metro design of Windows Phone." - Elite News; Baconit 1.9

"We're pretty sure that Baconit is the best app on the Windows Phone Marketplace today." - WP Central; Baconit 1.6

"Indie devs like Damerell, and the stories of their successes, are key to the future of Windows Phone" - All About Windows Phone; Baconit 1.6

"This has 'killer app' (for the Reddit users) written all over it." - All About Windows Phone; Baconit 1.5

"... Baconit takes it that one step further to make it truly embody the design values of Metro " - Mobility Digest; Baconit 1.5

"Baconit is a Reddit reader which might, in no time, become your number one stop for using Reddit." - Addictive Tips; Baconit 1.4

"A nice little reddit app for Windows Phone" - 1800 Pocket PC; Baconit 1.3

"Damerell has made quite the killer Reddit app in our opinion." - WP Central; Baconit 1.3 Baconit 1.3


Do you want to help make Baconit awesome? Do you want to get the latest and greatest release of Baconit before anyone else? Do you like trying to break code? Then you are a Baconit beta tester, click here.

Change List

The full Baconit change list can be found here.