Do you want to help make Baconit awesome? Do you want to get the latest and greatest release of Baconit before anyone else? Do you like trying to break code? Then you are a Baconit beta tester.

Important Beta Tester Notes:

  • You are the front line against bugs and crashes. During the process of testing, push Baconit to its limits, exercise every feature, and monitor Baconit’s performance.
  • Feature requests? Thoughts and feelings about new features? That you also. Being a beta tester you get all of the new goodies before anyone else. Your thoughts and feeling are critical to Baconit’s development.
  • Feedback is critical. Baconit’s success relies on the beta tester’s feedback, bug reports, and crash reports. I encourage testers to email me about anything they are think, experience, love, or hate.

Think You're Ready?

If you think you’re up to the task, submit the Windows Live ID that is associated with your phone. This is the email address that you used to first setup your phone, and that the marketplace uses to make purchases.

Once submitted, your name will be added to the list of testers. Windows phone has a 100 person tester limit, when space become available you will be notified with the next beta.

Your Name Your Live ID