App Development

Baconit is a metro styled reddit app for Windows Phone. The app provides a clean, beautiful, metro reddit experience to Windows Phone users. Baconit is designed for Mango, and supports background updating, live tiles, fast app switching and more. With Baconit, users have almost all of the functionally of the reddit website packed into one simple app. Baconit has received praise from top Windows Phone websites; quotes include “Developers take note: this is how you design apps for WP7” and “This has "killer app" (for the Reddit users) written all over it.” More information on Baconit can be found here, along with Bacont on the Windows Phone Marketplace here
Created by my friend Bryan Ehrlich and I, CrossTxT is a cloud text message solution for Android phones. CrossTxT allows users to send and receive text messages from their own phone via any internet connected computer. CrossTxT also provides full text message inbox synchronization and backup. CrossTxT can be found at CrossTxT.com. At the end of 2011 Bryan and I sold to Spider Web Design, but still actively work on the code for both the website and the Android app.
Liquid Physics is a live wallpaper that provides a full and interactive liquid simulation for the home screen of Android phones. The simulation code was developed by Grant Kot, and the very inital port was done by a member of the XDA forums. Liquid Physics provides particle interaction based on the phones orientation and multi-touch. It also allows a great number of customizable options to make the wallpaper more personal. Liquid Physics has just broke over 35,000 downloads on the Android Market, click here to view the application.
PurdueBus is another joint operation between my friend Bryan Ehrlich and I. PurdueBus is designed as an easy solution to check live bus times of the CityBus buses that operate around Purdue. With PurdueBus users can easily view all bus routes, see the bus routes drawn on the map, check real-time information of all buses at any stop, and if the real-time information is not available, the app will predict the times from the scheduled bus data. View PurdueBus on the Android Market here.
Purdue food court menu is the first Android application I made. It was an experimental application to explore the Android platform and it capabilities. It has evolved to become a useful application to easily check the daily menus at the Purdue dinning courts, even providing daily checks for favorite foods. View it on the Android Market here.


Software Design Engineer at Microsoft, Summer 2011
My role at Microsoft was a software design engineer in Windows Phone on the web browser team. While I can’t talk about the details of my work, I gained a vast amount of knowledge from the internship. I was able to learn about the Microsoft engineering culture and also about how very large corporations create large scale software. Though I was primarily a SDE at Microsoft, I was also able to experience small amounts of the other roles, being the Program Manager, and Software Test Engineer.
Software Engineer at Raytheon, Summer 2010
At Raytheon I developed consumer, production, and demo applications for Android, Windows, and Linux platforms. The consumer and production software included low level code that enabled the application to interact with the team's device. A portion of the Android development was a situational awareness application on which I was the lead of design and implementation. This application was used in several customer demonstrations to show the ability of the team's device. I was ranked second out of the twenty-two interns in the program that summer.
Network Administrator at J.O. Mory, Winter 2007-08
At J.O. Mory I worked with the network administrator to manage and oversee the company's computer network. One of my responsibilities was to develop and deploy script and code to force all computers on the network to check a central server for software updates. This allowed simpler and easier management of software updates for different computer groups on the network.


I entered Baconit into this competition after working on it for about 3 months. Baconit made it through all three rounds of voting, and ended up getting the most votes in the free app division. For this I won a free trip to SXSW Music 2012, and a cash prize for the People’s Choice award. Click here for more information on the contest.
1st Place in ACM Google Coding Competion
Tyler Reid, Bryan Ehrlich, and I developed a social event coordinator for the Android platform called Gathr. Over the course of three months we developed a Android client and backend server. We wrote over 10,000 lines of code for this project in a matter of weeks.
Top 5 team in State Farm's Coding Competion
Bryan Ehrlich and I were awarded one of the top five teams in the 2010 State Farm coding competition. As one of the top five teams, we were given a trip out to Bloomington, Illinois to the tour the State Farm headquarters and learn about State Farm as a company. The competition was a 8 hour race to do a series of programming problems in Java.